Saturday, November 19, 2011

Petition for Chancellor Katehi's Resignation

While videos of the UCD's deliberate, calculating, and inhuman assault of peaceful, non-violent protestors are evidence enough to support this petition, I would also like to stress the larger, perhaps more significant threat Katehi posses to not only the UCD and other UC's, but to the general erosion of public life in America. First, Katehi is directly responsible for the mass privatization of our state's public education -- an education guaranteed in principle and in law for all citizens of California, irregardless of economic background. By increasing tuition from $6,312 in 2005 to a proposed $23,000 by 2015-2016 Katehi and the other Chancellors and regents of the UC system prohibit the enactment of the UC's mission. The administration argues that such tuition hikes are necessary to offset state funding cuts. But this argument is a mere ruse covering their actual agenda. First, state funding actually increased this year, albeit by a minuscule  amount. Second, and more importantly, tuition hikes serve as a means of privatizing the public university. How? State funds are restricted funds that by law must be spent on instructional necessities. Tuition funds, however, are unrestricted funds. The UC administration uses these funds as collateral for capital and market investments. Such investments are ultimately guaranteed security through the presupposed continuation of tuition increases. Tuition increases guarantee a privatized UC increased profits. They do not ensure the continuation of the UC's mission as a public university offering world-class education to (nearly) all citizens of California. The administration's responsibility is, under this economic model, to their investors, not the students.
     For this reason, I beg everyone committed to public education to sign the petition for Chancellor Katehi's immediate resignation. The issue isn't police brutality, but the rational beyond such brutality: protestors are interfering with the smooth operations of the radical privatization of California's legally public universities.

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