Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Liberal Militarization of UCPD

This is how UC and president Obama's homeland security department protect our freedom of protest: http://reclaimuc.blogspot.com/2012/06/ucpds-getting-tank-from-homeland.html.
      To re-quote Foucault on liberal govermentality: "everywhere you see this simulation of the fear of danger which is, as it were, the condition, the internal psychological and cultural correlative of liberalism. There is no liberalism without a culture of danger." Simply: liberal, free-market, capitalist governments (legislative, executive, juridical, economic, etc.) demand a culture of fear -- fear over the interruption of the flow of capital, be it financial capital or bodily capital. Thus: fear occupy, fear protests where the flow of money-bodies is interupted. Hence the Davis Dozen prosecutions, and hence the militarization of police. At all costs, Katehi, Yudof, Obama, arm yourselves against our insurrection against capital and its circulation. Villainize and criminalize and brutalize lawful protest. After all, that's how you constitute liberal power. Agamben is right: we live in a state of exception.

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